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Does your home have basement foundation problems? Do you see a foundation cracks, floor cracks or a wall cracks and now worry how much does foundation repair cost? Is  foundation repair urgent or it can be postponed for some time? If postponed, Does foundation settlements, sinking or cracking means it will worsen in near future and lead to other foundation problems?  Questions and worries like these can make you lose sleep at night. 

Even though NYC foundation repair is necessary, it does not necessary mean that it will cost you an arm and a leg. The key is to deal with the right foundation repair company in NYC and never delay because with time, the issue will become a serious one. Our foundation repair Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island teams are ready to provide you with all availabe to your project home foundation repair solutons.

James Kingston
James Kingston
Good foundation repair company in Brooklyn. Highly recommend.
Ovadia Mor
Ovadia Mor
This foundation repair team was professional and knew exactly how to address foundation and basement issues with out 90 years old house in Brooklyn . Foundation repair contractor provided us with a couple of solutions to choose from. Good experience working with them.
We own a house and for years we had issues with water leaking into our basement. Got to work with James who identified several issues and provided several solutions for waterproofing basement . Good customer service, guys knew what they were doing.
Foundation Repair NYC
Foundation Repair NYC


Most of us don’t know what to do when faced with a leaking basement or crawl space.

We may not even realize there’s a problem until it’s too late, and then we have to deal with musty odors, spoiled property, and a damaged home. Even worse, if you can’t see any moisture, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And there could also be mold or mildew, hiding beyond your view but still causing health concerns.

That’s why it’s best to contact us for all your waterproofing needs, whether you’ve got an existing leak or want to be proactive and handle your basement waterproofing and foudation waterproofing before there’s a problem. So, if the next time you ask yourself where to find the best foundation repair near me company, look no further than Foundation Repair NYC Pros. 

Our foundation contractors are the experts in waterproofing, to ensure your basement or crawl space is sealed up tight. Our company can look after waterproofing basement walls, waterproofing basement floors, and work with you to ensure the waterproofing basement cost isn’t beyond your means.

If you’re looking for an authority on waterproofing in Brooklyn, we are the waterproofing contractors for you. We can examine your basement for potential problems, and if there is an existing issue, we’ll get to the bottom of it and find a solution.

Keep your basement dry using our basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing expertise.

As one of the most respected foundation repair NYC specialists, we guarantee each of our customers will receive top-notch services. With over 15 years of experience in the field, our team is highly qualified and able to provide a variety of services to fit all of your foundation repair needs. As with any professional company, we want to ensure that your experience meets, and furthermore, exceeds your expectations – whether you are looking for a quote on repairs, have noticed shifts, changes, or cracks in the foundation of your building, or are concerned with the integrity of your foundation, one of our experts will be able to review and diagnose the issue for you.

With years of experience in this field, our team is certified and highly trained to provide a wide variety of services, based on your needs. We are able to work on most foundations and provide a wide variety of repair services on homes, basements, and commercial properties. This is why our company has become one of the most highly regarded foundation maintenance companies in the NYC area.  We promise to provide a stellar experience at a fair price point – along with estimates based on repair needs.

Home Foundation Repair Services NYC

Throughout the city of New York, our company provides a variety of foundation repair services and basement waterproofing to different types of foundations. Many individuals may not realize just how monumental an impact poor foundation may have on their living or working spaces. For instance, a poorly constructed foundation can lead to a variety of issues that can cause costly repairs to have to be made. For instance, cracked or broken foundation can cause issues with heating and cooling, mildew and mold, and can cause leaking and flooding to occur. Repairing each of these individual issues, long term can cost over $10,000 – and it is likely that these repairs would consistently need to be made if timely foundation repair was not complete.

However, our highly experienced team is able to provide a variety of different types of foundation repairs to many different buildings, and under many different circumstances.

Foundation Repair Options

Interior Floor Repair

One type of foundation that is often neglected in the repair realm is the interior floor. In some cases, flooring may begin cracking, tearing, or separating – which can cause other foundation issues as the stress interior floor is meant to take from the building is being transferred to surrounding areas. Furthermore, these types of issues are often related to problems such as flooding and heating and cooling issues – meaning the timely repair of this particular issue may allow you to save money on other types of costly repairs in the long run.

Leaning Chimney Repair

While many think that leaning chimneys are simply unsightly, in many cases this is a sign of an integral issue with the foundation of the chimney itself. Allowing a chimney to continue to lean for an extended period of time could lead to collapse, which can further damage your home. Therefore, it is important – and in some cases, required – to ensure that chimney repairs are completed in a timely manner.

Concrete Slab Repair

In many types of infrastructure a concrete slab is used as the primary foundation for the architecture of a building. Should the concrete slab begin to deteriorate due to stress or natural causes, it can cause a wide variety of problems for the building. Therefore, maintaining these types of foundations is important to the integrity of the building.

Retaining Wall and Seawall Repair

Depending on your location in NYC, it can be very important to ensure that your wall or seawall is well maintained, as this will prevent issues with flooding and other weather-related concerns. In many cases, these types of walls and foundations are often subject to erosion, so consistent and timely maintenance is important to the overall integrity of these walls.

Bowing Foudation Walls

Foundation walls are often designed to ensure that stress and strain are properly dispersed throughout a building. However, in some cases, issues with the architecture of a wall can cause a foundation wall to begin to bow. To prevent potential collapsing issues, it is important to have these repairs completed as soon as humanly possible. 

Settling and Cracking

Depending on the location in which your foundation has been laid, in some cases certain foundations may settle over time. Settlement can lead to further issues, such as cracking due to stress and strain. Therefore, it is important to repair these problems over time, as they may lead to more significant issues, such as potential collapse, leaking, or partial collapse.

Sinking Floor and Crawling Spaces

Depending on the location in which your foundation has been laid, in some cases certain foundations may settle over time. Settlement can lead to further issues, such as cracking due to stress and strain. Therefore, it is important to repair these problems over time, as they may lead to more significant issues, such as potential collapse, leaking, or partial collapse.

Home Foundation Repair Services NYC

While some signs of foundation problems are relatively obvious – for instance, outer cracking and breaking, leaning or bowing walls or floors, or obviously eroded surfaces. However, there are other types of foundational issues that present themselves very differently that many are not aware of. These issues may present themselves in a variety of ways, and often have a variety of different levels of severity. We provide services that cover a wide variety of problems that may be presented due to foundation issues, such as foundation leak repair, hairline crack in concrete foundation repair, structured foundation repair, and basement foundation repair.

The different signs present themselves in many ways. Our company is able to successfully assist in identifying and repairing common issues as they occur, and are able to identify the impacts they may have on the foundation of your property.

Common signs of foundational issues include:

  • Foundation cracks, wall cracks, floor cracks, and other types of fractures: this is one of the most common problems that presents itself, and is often the most obvious. These cracks can appear in any piece of the foundation of the building and can range in severity from very severe to relatively small.
  • Foundation settlements, sinking or cracking: while this issue is often not quite as obvious, it is noticeable in a variety of ways. For instance, in some cases, the sinking may cause uneven flooring. Furthermore, large cracks may appear due to the settling of the foundation, making the overall foundation seem unstable.
  • Foundation upheaval: while this particular issue is often much rarer, in some cases your foundation may go through upheaval due to natural causes. In many cases, this particular issue is relatively obvious and may threaten the structural integrity of the building itself.
  • Doors that stick, don’t open, or don’t close properly: many individuals may not realize that issues with doors are often indicative of a foundation issue. In many cases, this means that your foundation has shifted and due to this, the hanging of the door is now uneven. Typically, correcting these foundation issues will resolve the problems in the long term.
  • Gaps around window frames or doors: gapping around doors and window frames is often a sign of a foundation issue that needs to be repaired. When the foundation is no longer stable and straight, it can cause window frames and doors to no longer be aligned with the building, creating gaps where the hardware was installed. This can lead to long term issues, such as flooding, and difficulty heating and cooling the property.
  • Sagging or uneven floors: in some cases, when the foundation begins to crack, sink, or deteriorate in other ways, the flooring immediately above it may begin to become uneven, with certain sections dropping, leaning, or tilting while others are upheld by parts of the foundation that have yet to be affected by the issue. Other areas of the floor may begin to sag, looking similar to craters in the floor itself.
  • Counters and cabinets separating from the wall: in many cases, issues like this are a primary sign that there is an issue with the shifting of your foundation. In many cases, the cabinets or counters begin to look as though they are “floating” and leaning away from the walls, which can cause issues with the integrity of the hanging and stabilization of each, meaning it is important to have these repairs made as soon as possible.
  • Crawlspace in a pier beam house: while many may not check their crawlspace regularly if you have a house that was designed using pier beams, one of the primary indicators of a foundational issue is dampness in the crawlspace. This may not be overtly obvious initially, however, if you have suspicions that you may be experiencing a foundational issue, this is one of the primary indicators.

These are a few of the common signs of foundation that requires repairs. Our company of experienced foundation repair contractors will be able to address these issues, as well as other common signs and symptoms of needed foundation repair.

Engineered Products for Foundation Repair

One of the primary concerns many individuals have in regards to their foundation repair process is the tools that are used – and it does require a relatively in-depth understanding of the process to successfully understand how foundation issues are repaired. However, our team uses a variety of tools that have been specifically engineered for the purpose of repairing typically occurring foundation issues. These tools are designed to ensure that repairs are completed quickly, efficiently, and are able to outlast older traditional methods of repair.

Our team fully understands that the process of repairing can seem complicated, at best. That is why we want to ensure that you understand the process as it is happening and understand what tools and methods our team uses to provide you with a repair that will last a lifetime. We want to put your mind at rest and assure you that your repairs are being completed by experts in the field, using tools that have been created for the specific purpose.

The tools we use are top of the line in the industry, and often considered the standard for foundation repair in NYC. While many foundation repair companies may also use these tools, our team is made of professionals who have years of experience in using these tools and applying repair methods that have been proven to last.

Foundation Repair Methods

Some of the tools and methods we use include:


  • smart jack: this particular took is able to raise sagging flooring and is adjustable
  • wall anchors: wall anchors are a type of tool that provides additional stability within the foundation walls, assisting with the reparation of issues such as bowing that may occur.
  • helical piers: this tool is an industry-standard that provides additional stability to certain types of basement foundation cracks
  • powerbrace: the powerbrace supports foundation walls and certain types of structures, ensuring that bowing and sinking does not happen.
  • push piers: this tool is known for it’s “pushing” abilities and provides additional support for certain types of foundations.
  • carbonarmor: this is a protective layer that is used to provide additional stability to certain types of foundation and prevent further cracking, settling or bowing issues.
  • polylevel: this is an underground foam that can be inserted underground and assists in concrete foundation repair

Foundation Repair Company

As a foundation repair NYC company, our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with your overall experience. Therefore, we use top of the line tools to provide you with the best repairs possible, at the best prices available. These tools have been proven to repair and maintain foundation hairline cracks and other issues frequently seen when foundation requires repairs. Our foundation repair contractors are skilled and will be able to successfully diagnose issues and provide home foundation repair.

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