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Foundation Repair Engineering In NYC

Engineering Products for Foundation Repair

While there are a wide variety of problems that can arise from foundation problems, engineers have developed solutions capable of repairing the issues that surround the degrading of the foundation of a structure. Foundation Repair NYC company understands that as a homeowner, you may be concerned with the variety of repair methods available – it is important, after all, to understand what methods are reliable and affordable when looking for a solution for your foundation issue.As a foundation repair company who prides themselves on providing top-tier solutions, we use industry-standard products that have been specifically engineered to provide long-term solutions to common foundation issues. While our company cannot guarantee that any fix we provide will last a lifetime, that is our ultimate goal – to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that with proper maintenance, further major repairs will not be required to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation Sinking

Foundation Shrinkage of Concrete or Mortar

One of the most common issues that can lead to the foundation settling and sinking of the foundation of a home is the shrinkage of the concrete or mortar. There are several reasons that this particular issue can occur, and it often can cause significant damage to the overall integrity of your home. In many cases, this occurs due either to the building materials – for instance, in some cases due to extreme heat or cold, concrete and mortar may begin to shrink and shrivel if not properly prepared to withstand the elements.Likewise, it may begin to shrink due to erosion. In areas where it is particularly windy, for instance, the foundation may begin to suffer from wind erosion. Furthermore, water erosion is also common and may cause the foundation to begin shrinking at a rapid pace. Water damage, in general, can lead to the shrinkage of the foundational materials, as many building materials are not made to withstand severe elemental exposure.This type of damage, usually, is repairable through the addition of foundational supplies and through the use of tactics such as anchoring to ensure ultimate security of the building itself.


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Soil Pressure

Another common problem that may cause foundation settling or sinking in the foundation of a home is known as the soil pressure. Essentially, this is best known as the amount of pressure that the soil can support without giving. In some cases, this can be impacted by changes in climate or weather, as well as by soil erosion in the surrounding areas that cause these types of changes.However, typically speaking, these issues often arise due to the location upon which a home is built on. Typically speaking, a home that is built on land that is considered “fertile” and with “soft soil” may begin to sink or settle relatively quickly. This is due to the fact the soil is unable to continue to maintain the pressures of the foundation, causing it to shift, settle, and sink. Ultimately, this can cause previously mentioned issues, such as sticking of doors, gapping at windows and doorways, and the separation of cabinets and counters from the walls of the home. Furthermore, should this be allowed to continue for a long period of time, cracks in the foundation can occur causing structural integrity issues.


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Construction Defects

Another reason that foundation may begin to sink or settle is due to defects originating in the construction of the home. For instance, if the foundation is not laid properly when it is built, it can cause sinking and foundation settling issues due to improper construction. Furthermore, issues can arise if the foundation is not properly leveled at the time of construction as well.If you are homeowner and have a problem with foundation settling or sinking you can count on Foundation Repair NYC Pros. We are foundation repair contractors in NYC and will provide you solution to all your foundation repair and basement waterproofing problems.

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