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Basement Waterproofing

Issues In the Basement

Whether you’ve had water issues in your basement for a short time or a long while, you need to deal with it. You may not even see the serious water damage that be hiding behind the walls and under the floor. That moisture, dampness, possible mildew and even harmful mold is not just a problem for your home. It’s also a problem for those living in the home.As expert waterproofing contractors, we will seek out the problem and work with you to explore a basement waterproofing solution to solve the issue.One major concern in basements and crawl spaces is seepage. This type of slow leak may be under drywall or flooring, and eventually show as water spots, water on the floor, or water running down the walls. You may notice a musty smell, or even see mold spots. Or, a concrete wall or floor may show cracking or heaving.

Seepage also occurs where the wall meets the floor of the basement, meaning the water is seeping up from the ground below the flooring.It’s not always easy to see the full extent of an issue like seepage, especially the hidden dangers like mildew. Our waterproofing system will ensure water is captured before it enters your basement or crawl space.

  • Basement Waterproofing Solutions: Let’s explore basement waterproofing solutions, as it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer.
  • Drainage System: When water is seeping down the outside of basement walls, or where walls meet the floor, a drainage system installation can be an effective answer for waterproofing basement walls before the water gets in. That’s because the system brings the water down into a trench and carries it away from the walls.

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To explain this simply, a drainage pipe is dug under the floor against the wall all the way around the basement. What are walled “weeping holes” are drilled into the bottom of the walls, so that water runs into the drainage trench. The water is then carried away. The trench is covered over for aesthetics.

  • Sump Pumps: An effective solution for basement waterproofing in Brooklyn and Long Island, having a sump pump system ensures that water is pumped away from the foundation and interior of the home. A sump pump system often works in conjunction with a drainage system, as water is carried away from the walls, down the drainpipe, to the sump, where it is pumped away from the home.
  • Backup System: We can also set up a battery backup system for your sump pump, in the unlikely event of a power failure. A severe rainstorm, for instance, can knock out the power, but you can rest easy knowing that your sump pump will be removing excess water and ensuring basement waterproofing even in a blackout.

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  • Encapsulation: : This solution is just as it sounds, providing a capsule to seal basements and crawlspaces, ensuring appropriate waterproofing of basement walls and floors. This helps repel moisture and humidity, while also keeping odor, mold and mildew at bay.
  • Dehumidifier Systems: As a top waterproofing company, we can work to seal your basement, but there may still be excess moisture in the air simply due to the natural environment. For instance, having a basement waterproofing system installed in Brooklyn or Long Island may protect the walls and floors, but a rainy season can still result in moisture indoors. That can mean asthma, allergies and more. So a quality dehumidification system can help reduce dampness and put your family on the path to better health.

These are just some of the common moisture issues in basements, and the possible solutions we can provide for you. If you’re concerned about the waterproofing basement cost, we work with you to meet your budget while still providing effective answers to your waterproofing issues.So when you’re looking for the best waterproofing in Brooklyn, our company is the answer to all your needs.